ILS out of alignment on landing

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Brief description of the issue: When using ILS the aircraft lands “off” the runway. This also happens when letting the AI land. It lands in the dirt.

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Which airport?

Some ILS systems are offset refer to your landing plates.

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Additionally 99% of the offsets are wrong implemented in MSFS.

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Latest version G1000 NXI does not center the localizer course when flying ILS. Must manually switch to Nav 1 Localizer and set CDI or aircraft will follow the misaligned CDI when switching to APR. Localizer only has one radial setting regardless of CDI input. This mod is treating the localizer as if it were a VOR. Correct G1000 should auto align the localizer CDI to the radial for which it has been programmed and the aircraft should follow that course setting when activated. Verified this malfunction in both Cessna 172 and Cessna 208b.

Alice Springs airport Australia


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