ILS problem after SU11 update

The ILS path shown on the world map is different than the one shown in the aircraft display. In auto pilot mode thge plane does not follow what the world map shows.

As far as I see from your pics the ILS appr. path is the same.The display also shows and additional route but this is a bug.Don’t care about it and fly. I have just repeated your original flight plan with the default A320 without problems on landing with ILS approach.

Many times bug like that appears on the MCDU of A320 Asobo and on C172 as well .Sometimes there are discontinuities to be fixed and sometime there is no need to modify anything. Like in this case on my PC.

Thank you so much for all your help. You know I tried another two flights plan from Thessaloniki to Athens and Larnaca (LCLK) to Beirut using the Cessna Caravan and all went OK. ILS worked fine. Maybe its better to fly longer routes.

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