ILS still misaligned - when will this be fixed?

YSCB - RWY 35 - 109.50 - 348*

Is that using the Navigraph installed?

I tried the stock 172 with glass cockpit and the M20R and the ILS lines up fine on both of them.
So unless you can give important information, like maybe even saying what aircraft you have and what navigation data you are using then the chances of it getting “fixed” may be low.

I use Navigraph data so I’m assuming it is a MSFS nav data issue but troubleshooting based on assumptions rarely works well.

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Using stock sim, this is one of Australia’s international airports and the data should be correct(regardless of aircraft)
I have submitted tickets about this since the sim was released, now my patience is running thin.
FYI - not spending more money on Navigraph!


Just flew YSSY to YSCB today, perfect ILS, followed the guide slope down to the ground and 100 ft east of the runway. Good landing on the grass?

At least you missed those trees on short final.