ILS Z 03L At Athens Airport with A320 (with FBW mod)

FBW really transformed A320.

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Whats the chart mod you have?

It is not a mod. I recorded the video with OBS streaming software which let you arrange apps and windows while recording. This is just Navigraph Charts on a Chrome browser. This is NOT what i see whn i fly. The Charts are on the second monitor.

Nice landing… well done. You gave me the idea that I might livestream my next flight to the same airport myself…

Thanks. Greece has some nice airports to try.

Here it is… woops, wrong link

There we go.

The Approach Video

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Very nice landing… :slight_smile:

Can you please help me produce a video like the following in FS2020, Please…
I would love to see how FS2020 performance in Crosswind landing with gusting to 48 knots.

Well, can’t you try it yourself?

Set custom weather, set a 48 knots crosswind with short but high level of gusts. And just fly there.