ILS10L at KPDX non functional using Navigraph

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ILS10L (111.30) doesn’t show up at all on KPDX. Uninstalled all sceneries for the region and have Navigraph data.
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fly ILS10L at PDX
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Ryzen 7 3700XT, RTX3070, 32GB DDR4 3200MHz
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Current version

Have you tried uninstalling navigraph and see if it shows up in default nav data?
If it does then that may indicate a possible problem with Navigraph, which may need to be reported on their forums.
I will try and check KPDX 10L with Navigraph myself as soon as I can.

Edit: Update- I can confirm with Navigraph installed and selecting 111.3 I am not getting any ILS data for rwy 10L at KPDX

Yep I just tried it without Navigraph and with Flightbeam KPDX and it works again.
Have raised it in the Navigraph forum.


@Radioactivegoos Thanks for checking and reporting it to Navigraph.

I have moved the thread out of #bugs-and-issues:atc-navaids into #third-party-addon-discussion:airports and changed the title to reflect it is as a result of Navigraph.

Had a response from Navigraph, the issue is actually with Neighbouring KVUO having a falsely identified approach in the simulator. In real life its using the Localiser from KPDX with frequency 111.30 to do an LDA approach to runway 08. In the MSFS navdata this is falsely renamed ILS10L for KVUO.

Which means the frequency issue won’t show at KPDX.

Since navigaph use the correct approaches and frequencies there’s a conflict basically as the sim doesn’t know to which airport to assign the ILS, and I guess KVUO won that one somehow.

If the approach data for KVUO would be fixed in the Sim maybe the navigraph data would work again for both airports.

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@Radioactivegoos Thanks!

I have been following the thread on the Navigraph forums. It is indeed a very thorough answer:

A tricky one to resolve.

I do like the way Navigraph take the time to give detailed explanations, even for ‘thorny’ issues.