I'm about to give up on ILS approaches (A320NEO)

I have all the latest updates and when approaching some airports the aircraft isn’t flying the entire STAR. As it gets to some of the earlier waypoints in the STAR, it develops a mind of its own and starts to circle. I can’t tell whether it’s the aircraft or the sim NAV data. I am aware that there are issues around USR (or USER) “waypoints”, but some of my STARS don’t have them. I fly mainly in and out of the airports FACT, FALE, FAOR.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Is this a known issue?

yes me to hope for fix soon

Yeapp… I’ve been having that issue since launch. So my current workaround is to assign the ILS approach and STAR from the beginning of the flight plan through the World Map. Never fails.

Other than the other bug where it simply just ignores the STAR and head straight for the last waypoint before the runway. If that happens, I just switch to selected heading mode and trace the original flight path manually until I capture the ILS signal.


Did the same thing to me when I was approaching atlanta… it suddenly veered off the path 15 miles out and started making circles…I realised with this and any others is to just manually fly the approaches in using the hdg /alt hold according to the procedure on chart until you capture the ils…worked for me!!

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Yessss!! I do that too , been doing that with all my sims for years. In real life thats what they do. Atc gives vectors and they use headings, speeds and altitudes manually. Best way to do an approach…

And yes I do my stars and approaches in the world map too!! Works wonders.

I suffer same issue. This is super annoying and makes some approaches impossible. Even if I try to enter missing fixes in MCDU the game just deletes and skipes them. Only if I enter those to as Direct orders plane even tries to fly those. But that workaround is still impossible if there is multiple fixes that would need to fly to.

Never give up!

I do not experience this issue anymore since I started exporting my flight plans directly from
Navigraph into MSFS. Using this method works great for me as it transfers the whole flight plan, including the chosen SID, STAR, and Approach procedure. The only change I make in the MSFS World Screen is to assign gate parking from the drop-down list and not from clicking on a spot on the map. As long as I do things this way I have zero (0) issues; no MSFS flight plan changes, and the plan is flown perfectly. The only issue I’ve seen is that MSFS uses different physical locations for final 5 waypoints in the HOBTT2 STAR, ie., EAGYL, SHURT, FOGER, AND HITTT are physically represented diagonally in a straight line from ENSLL to YURII. This removes the 180* turn from YURII to ROMMM, and replaces it with a more manageable (approximately) 125* turn onto long final. In the past little things like this would drive me bonkers. Now, I just go with it. I’m flying the FBW A32NX dev mod with the custom fbw simulation. I’m not representing third party interests, nor advocating 3rd party solutions. Simply stating what i am doing. Also my methodology my not work for everyone. I would much prefer to see MSFS fixed in this matter than rely upon 3rd party solutions.


It’s been doing this since day one! I don’t believe it’s the aircrafts fault, it’s more likely broken game mechanics, as various airfields work perfectly with the ILS system, while others either don’t have it at all, or it’s broken.

It’s not aircraft specific issue. It’s airport specific issue. I always find the STAR skipping bug always occur at the exact same airport at the exact same approach every single time. But picking a different approach to the same airport, doesn’t give me the bug. So it’s nav+autopilot specific issue for a specific approach to a specific airport.

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I’d imagine ILS is such a fundamental part of the whole experience, it should take high priority to fix. I’m now using RNAV approaches hoping the destination has good enough weather…but even some RNAV approaches have issues too…

I find the ILS itself is fine. I always managed to land using ILS well. But it’s probably because I use navigraph mod and also the experimental version of the A32NX mod. As long as it’s not an offset localiser even in the chart. I’m fine. With offset, it’s a bit of a challenge that I’d rather not do, but if I do have to I never had any real trouble with them.

The only issue here is flying the STAR on approach, namely the skipping waypoints to go straight to the runway. But since this only happens on some airports on some STAR, we have to report these specific approach one at a time. Whenever we get it. And since there’s a workaround by manually flying the STAR using selected heading mode until you capture the ILS signal. I can see why this is a bit lower in the priority.

Version 6 update now and I’ve had this same issue on two attempts at trying to land at Stockholm. Just doesn’t want to capture the ILS and like you say, develops a mind of its own going round in circles. Tried it with Simbrief and again with the MSFS world map. Gave up in the end.