Im out $45 and no one can help?

I purchased an airplane that was on sale via the MSFS marketplace on the Steam edition of the game. I have been charged for the content but it does not show purchased in game. I made another small purchase of an airport and the same thing happened. I contacted MS with all the requested info, bank statement, steam wallet pictures, and other proof that i purchased and they said it all checks out and issued an email statement to forward to Steam somehow?(they do not offer inbound email support) I contacted Steam and they said they can’t do anything because it was an in-game purchase. Does anyone have any idea if there are any options left for me to get a refund?

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Are the downloads not available in your content manager?

contact support

The last two transactions I’ve made on the store for the Kodiak & Blackbushe Airport both ‘failed’ the first time when purchasing through Steam, despite the fact the right amount of credits had been added to my account mere moments beforehand.

What I ended up doing was waiting for the ‘another purchase is pending’ message to clear, clicked buy again but didn’t complete the second transaction so I wasn’t charged twice, then closed the Steam overlay and it seemed to figure out what it was meant to be doing and began the download.

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I would never buy anything from the Marketplace.


Yeah although I’ve never had a problem I find the whole system unwieldly.

I just thought of another possible fix … do not run MSFS as administrator


The only place you can go for support about the MSFS marketplace is Zendesk.

Contact Zendesk and explain the situation. If you do not hear back in 7 business days (Zendesk is in France) - then send a private message to @Jummivana with your Zendesk ticket number.

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Thank you everyone that has offered help!

Both products are not in my Content Manager. To be clear, i did reach out to MS Support first via Zendesk, they stated they never received the funds, so Steam took my money but failed to complete the transaction with MS. I wouldn’t be upset about this, but this is the 2nd time this has happened to me with the marketplace and its $45.

Does it list the credits you purchased in your Steam inventory?

Been there.
Between Asobo support (zendesk) and Steam support, you will get your money back or product. However it can take some days.
Tends to be less problematic If you put money in you steam wallet first as that skips some steps in the transaction process.
I have had successful purchases both whole and post-wallet since my first incident.

If it stays like this - at least here in the UK, if you paid by credit card you can refute the payment with the credit card company and get your money back as the goods were not supplied.

However in your case i am sure one side or the other will sort it out eventually.

Press Buy again, when steam opens close the windows clock cancel transcaction - Sim will check again if you have bought it - and will install it. I have to do this 90% of the time too sadly.

Steam - MSFS Market Place seems to be unreliable. I have had exactly same experience. Paid - Transaction Failed (lost 15€ + 10€) also for me

  • Steam Game layers are allowed. Also “As Admin” as one advice was.
  • Clicked all Accept - Purchace - Confirm buttons as requested
  • Did a refund request to Steam support - nothing…?

Advice: never buy from the marketplace if using Steam version, sad :frowning:

Buying from the MP is what keeps the $$$$ coming and how they can afford things like WT redoing all the GPS + planes


Filed an issue to MSFS Zendesk. We will see and I will report here how this proceeds. Hard part is that Steam denies problems, and MS is not part of this transaction so cannot refund. Integration problem between the parties…

I would have been happy to pay to MS some extra for great product, SU11 etc. but. now Steam stealed my money.

We just bought Ants Drifter from the Marketplace and it hasn’t appeared in the Content manager to Download. This is a first for us and we’ve never had any issue before.
We’re certain that there will be a remedy for this matter and soon we hope !

Also had issue. Bought 146 professional (have steam version of MSFS) and got shafted out of $$.

Instructions in Zendesk say to wait for 72 hours before placing request. The instructions for retrieving my SteamID on the request page are incorrect if you have a Custom Steam URL, which I had no idea I had. Sometime in the 17 years of my account it must have been enabled.

Getting really annoying.

Got instructions from MS Zendesk to contact Steam for refund, they could confirm the error in this transaction, and instructed to copy their response in the message to Steam support. Waiting now reply from Steam support, as 1st attempt they said that there is no problem at their site and thus cannot refund, items (MSFS Tokens) were purchased and used ok from their point of view.

I’ll report how this continues, but buying anything from the Marketplace in the future I cannot recommend unless an explicit note is given that there was a bug that is fixed.

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