I'm sick of this Cessna loading picture

The same Cessna with the same glacier again and again, it’s enough now.
Is there a trick to change the picture displayed during flight loading ?


I wish the loading screen would change after every world update, that would make sense.


How about looking out of the window while the flight is loading, instead of becoming sick?


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Thank you.


It could be during night, or perhaps no window, or what I see outside is even worst than the screen, who knows ?

Done. xxxxx


Maybe this mod will help you! I never used it, but the reviews are good and it seems to work.


Thanks, I’ll test it this evening and will do a report.


For a split second, I thought about taking this screen from the Paris scenery addon for FS5, photoshopping the current Cessna in (from that default splash screen), and then submitting it to the NVIDIA screenshot challenge.


Never understood the logic behind judging screenshots for the whole NVIDIA giveaway. It appears those people alread have 4k capable graphics cards and monitors.


This forum never ceases to amaze me.


But you get a crisper image if you capture the screen during a pause or stutter. LOL :slight_smile:

It works !
And looking how it works I even discovered where to change the pic directly in the game.
But for those not familiar with folders/subfolders/file names, would be better to use this mod.

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What is your UNC (directory path) to the image file, Plumb?

With the MS Store version:
The name must be
In the upper level you’ll find others pics in 1920x1080 but mines are 5120x1440 and it’s OK.

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Excellent! Thanks, Mate.

HAHA my english and french teacher brought me to flightsim back then when FS95 or 98? was out. He’s been an aviation geek too, we even visited the Cirrus factory in North Dakota and the full flight sims of the University of North Dakota during a school exchange to the USA. He gave me his copy of FS95 (whistle) and that’s how it started for me lol. He used to print out screenshots of Paris sights for french class :smiley:

Lmfao! Are you serious? This is unbelievable

The real world problems just keep stacking up :roll_eyes:


They should change it to a slide show of user screen shots from their development updates. Maybe with a caption of where each one was taken to inspire people to try new places to fly.


I like your idea! Maybe you want to check, if there are already similar/existing topics about another loading screen. If not, feel free to suggest your idea in the #self-service:wishlist category :slightly_smiling_face: