I'm starting to fill cheated by MFS2020

No problem, i never came to the idea that it is possible to buy the upgrade without owning the game. But yeah, theres gamepass… did not think about that. :slight_smile:


In that case I humbly retract my statement. It should have been clearly spelled out by the vendor but as in many cases, communication around this product is poor


You could check if you qualify for a refund. You should buy the game from MS Store app or Steam then if you still want it.

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I’m waiting for an answer. But how I’ve already been denied a refund, I’m not much hopeful

Beware that, if im not wrong, if you bought from xbox pass you should buy the base game from MS Store as the addons are not transfered to the Steam version.

Again there is no clear or easy to access information about it.
Good luck


Premium deluxe version includes everything. You probably bought digital deluxe upgrade without owning the standard edition. Don’t know how it’s possible but that’s what happened.

Your own fault buying bredok 737. Same goes for captainsim. These are the worst planes on the market. It’s not hard to do research, 5 minutes is enough to learn they are bad and are freeware quality at best.


It has all versions from standard and up…you dont need to buy both…

If you read through the whole post above you will note it would seem the OP purchased the upgrade only rather than the full premium deluxe version. An honest error it would seem and you would think that vendor would be willing to assist in overcoming this - just good common sense to help the customer.


it def is worded badly in mp.

Of course it includes the standard version, understand what you’re buying

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U think the f18 that comes out with the goty will have radar or working ejection buttons

This is the resolution.

Understand what you’re saying late person. I got the refund because it was wrong, late person.

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Man am I really confused. So if I am to understand all of this, I want to lay out the facts that I know and see if I am reading them correctly. I purchased the $59 version of MFS from the store. I now wish to go for the $119 version. I have looked into this and from what I see, it’s not really a good deal at all. As far as I have found, you do not get any kind of discount to upgrade by purchasing the next level versions as they are not at all discounted to people who have purchased the lesser versions. This is only what I see, not what I know. Otherwise, if there is a way to upgrade without having tp pay $119 to do it, I am not at all aware of it.
It sound like you guys know how to upgrade without dumping another $119 into this thing?
Again, I am not saying anything, I am just asking if there is a way to upgrade without paying $119. If there is, I have not seen it. I would certainly upgrade if that were the case. I only went with the $59 version because I wasn’t sure if I would be getting another version of Xplane without breaking the bank. Now that I have taken that cartoon fest of a simulator (Xplane) off of my rig, I would like to go ahead and upgrade but I’m not sinking another $119 to get 80% of what I have already purchased and own.


As far as I know, there is no discount for those of us who purchased the Standard version. So right now to upgrade, you are paying twice for content you already own. It makes absolutely no sense at all and why I will never upgrade, even though I am interested in some of the additional airports.

Hopefully some day they do offer a discount and/or offer the content separately.


Although it is possible to upgrade to higher versions via the in-game marketplace, by far the most cost effective way is to buy the version you want directly.

As an example the total Euro prices for upgrades are listed below:

Standard: €69.99
Deluxe: €89.99
Premium Deluxe: €119.99

Standard to Deluxe: €69.99 + €79.99 = €149.98, which is €29.99 more than buying Deluxe directly.
Standard to Premium Deluxe: €69.99 + €84.99 = €154.98, which is €34.99 more than buying Premium Deluxe directly.
If you bought Deluxe already:
Deluxe to Premium Deluxe: €89.99 + €99.99 = €189.98, which is €69.99 more than buying Premium Deluxe directly.

If people have not bought the Premium Deluxe version and currently are on standard and want to upgrade, we recommend upgrading from Standard to Premium Deluxe right away, as it is only €5 more than Deluxe, and a lot better value than Deluxe by itself.

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Thank you for the info.

What I don’t understand is why we need to pay more than the cost of the Standard version for just some more airports and aircraft. They are not better quality and we are not getting any other additional content beyond the Standard version. It appears that we are being penalized and have to pay a “tax” just because we originally purchased the Standard version. The prices are currently ridiculous.

I just came from the FS store (in game) and from what I see, there is an upgrade but it’s still overpriced for those of us who already own the lesser version. Right now the premium deluxe upgrade is $89, and the lesser upgrade is $99. Go figure…So yes you can upgrade without going full price but it’s still a bit pricy.
So when choosing which version, be sure or it’ll cost you. I’m not interested in the upgrade at this point. After reading what I get I’m not really impressed. I have already purchased 7 or 8 planes that I really like and do not see any planes included in the upgrade that I will want to fly over the planes that I have purchased. I’m not a person who really cares all that much to fly out of Denver, or JFK just because it ,looks prettier than Tucson. Actually, Tucson looks very good. My house is in the simulator down to my pool and rose bushes. So the upgrade is a no go for me. I would rather custom build what I want from the Sim.

Here’s some advice to live by- If you’re buying an alleged “airliner” from the marketplace, and it isn’t at least $80 USD (or more), it’s junk. It’s not even worthy of taking the 5 minutes to research it, if it’s too cheap, that’s because it was made by people with the skills of pre-teens and thrown into the Marketplace hoping people who don’t know any better will buy it.

And unfortunately it works.

MS really should police what goes in there, and it should be reserved only for first class products, but it seems they aren’t going to do that.

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That’s an upgrade. If you buy from the store (MS Store, Xbox store, Steam) it definitely does include full ownership. If you had Gamepass, you don’t own the game and therefore only upgraded inside the sim marketplace at the cheaper price premium deluxe for access to the content, but not a license to own the game.

Please read the fine print, printed right there in the sim marketplace, that specifically says it doesn’t include the license to own the game if you upgrade it that way.

People click buy way too fast.

Always read what is included. Always.

And research third party content for proper reviews too as Asobo has nothing to do with the quality of Bredok garbage.

You weren’t cheated on any counts, you just didn’t do your due diligence or read what you were purchasing. I apologize for putting it bluntly I know it was an honest mistake on your part, but that is the reality. The only fault lies with you I am afraid, not Microsoft or Asobo.

Perhaps it could be more clear, I don’t disagree with that part, but it is still printed in the description nonetheless that ownership is not included with the in-sim upgrade for Gamepass users.

Obviously the best value is to directly purchase Premium Deluxe upfront, because purchasing a lower tier and then wanting to upgrade will cost much more as well. This was clear to me as I read the details carefully before purchasing, but again, many people just go straight to the Buy button these days sadly.