Im stuck on Loading screen

I uninstalled the game, i did everything and i cant play the game…game is just unplayable to me…

i7 - 9700k + 24GB + RX 5700 XT 8GB + SSD 1TB

Im stuck at loading screen…
Please fix it … i cant refund the game because i did some hours just downloading the game, and i wasnt playing…ridiculous…

Hi FamouZPT.

Please try the following steps:

  1. Ensure you are running the latest stable version of Windows 10 (v2004)
  2. Try resetting your Xbox networking app
    a) Open your start menu, and open the Windows 10 settings app
    b) Click on the Gaming menu option
    c) On the left menu click on Xbox Networking
    d) If you see any error (may include the words ‘This could block you from playing multiplayer’) click the Fix It button
    e) Click Check Again
    f) If the problem persists repeat steps d and & e, you may have to do this a few times
    g) Once the errors are gone, close Flight Sim fully, and start it again

If that does not work, let me know and I will come back with some more steps.

Hello I have exactly the same issue, I played yesterday, but now I am stuck after the “Press a key to continue” and the loading icon keeps turning again and again… Already tried 5 restart.

Try to right click app and run as administrator, might work

do not work for me :confused: … im really sad…i cant play the game because of this loading screen…game really need a hotfix

is any way to fix my problem? maybe someone know. When i try to turn on game blue bar freeze at the middle of the screen i was on Faq page i restarted i turned as administrator and nothing changed if someone know how to fix this problem answer. I have Xbox gamepass

I had this problem when I first started the game. I restarted my whole computer and it worked fine after that.

I am sorry to hear you are still having issues, here are some additional things to try:

  • Ensure you have the Xbox app installed and running
  • Try disabling your anti-virus/firewall. (Don’t forget to reenable your security tools when you finish installing or find that it doesn’t solve your problem)
  • File a support ticket detailing your issue(s), and any steps you took in an attempt to resolve your issue.

If you get to the point of filing a support ticket, search through this thread and see if there is any information that can help you. Installation Issues & Bugs Megathread

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Oh, one other thing. You will have issues that prevent you using launching the simulator if your Windows 10 profile name includes non-Latin characters.

same issue: installed, uninstalled at least 5 times (with overnight downloads everytime) no way to get direct support … so frustrating

and how can i fix it?

At this point I am not too sure. There is a good chance we will be told about a patch in today’s developer update ( Hopefully that patch when it drops will help with your issue. They have been investigating issues around installation, and the loading screen.

If you have a Microsoft Account, try installing the new Win10 Xbox app to your PC and sign-in on that.

In MSFS 2020 I was suddenly getting stuck at the ‘press any key to start’ screen. This solved it.