iMac + Radeon RX 6000 Series external GPU

Is there anyone using an iMac + External GPU for the sim and running VR as well?

I’m seeing if I could get an external GPU for iMac 2020. It has an i5-10500 with 64GB RAM and Radeon PRO 5300 with 4GB VRAM. Will be booting into Windows to run the sim using bootcamp. If needed can upgrade the processor to an 10th gen i7 or i9 (most don’t know its possible)

The idea is to double the iMac as both productivity and sim system. Cannot beat the iMac’s display for productivity work I’m doing like video editing. The external GPU will heavily help.

For VR performance what RX 6000 series card is recommended? Thinking the 40G bandwidth to external GPU is not a problem with Thunderbolt 3.

Should work fine although you will lose a tiny bit of performance on bootcamp compared to using a vanilla windows. I use a dual boot system that runs W10 and MacOS using 6800XT and the bootcamp set up will not be much different. If you can find one, go for the 6800XT. You will need every Mhz and VRAM to run VR smoothly.

Thanks. What headset are you using for VR? Any recommended eGPU cases?

I use Reverb G2.
Sonnet or Razor Core are the two most common ones. As long as they have the TB connector and a decent PSU with good ventilation, you should be fine.

I’m using a Mac with Bootcamp, but that’s it, so I can’t tell you anything about eGPUs. But it’s definitely worth verifying whether an eGPU would work under Bootcamp with your Mac. And if it does, it’s worth verifying there’s a way to get MSFS to use that GPU rather than the internal one. Good luck, and let us know if it works! I’m especially curious if the eGPU setup will work.

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