Implement scaling of various glass panel ui elements

I currently use and ultrawide screen with a resolution of 3440x1440 so not 4k but no the worst either. If I position my camera to a realistic level so I can actually enjoy the view many numbers and text fonts on the Garmin panels are either not or barely readable. The common solution for this is to use the pop out windows.

But viewing them on a second display isn’t ideal and a) you need one and b) you can’t use the display for other stuff like charts, a map, videos etc.

Since I never used any of the avionics on real life I donÄt know if this option exists in the real world, but even if not that should not matter, since the situation is different. There should be an option in the menu of the garmins to increase the size of various ui elements so they become more readable.

Especially on the synthetic vision displays there is a lot of wasted space which could be used for this. For anyone not wanting this because it might be unrealistic, implement a simple trigger on the options to disable this and everyone should be happy.