Implement Simbrief Flightplan to ATR 72 (Asobo)?

I found this information on the internet.

I am not sure if it is still current or outdated, since I did not find a date on this page. Anyway, after log in with my Pilot ID and hitting “Import OFP” I found my latest Flightplan (EHAMEDDH) but now it is getting difficult. I can’t push “SET Flightplan” etc. but in the FMS I found my flightplan BUT without SID and STAR.
Is it possible to implement them too, and if so how?

Unfortunately there is still no documentation online for the ATR 72.

This is how far I came on my own. But now I would like to implement the SID and STAR data from Simbrief to complete the flight plan.

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I probably found a vid with a solution.

Beginning at 18:20 to 18:40 Easyjetsimpilot shows how to integrate SID and STAR easily. Guess that will work. I mark my request as solved and hope others will benefit from this too. If I did not use enough tags please inform me.

Loading flightplans into an FMS usually happanes without departures and arrivals, since they don‘t belong to the route and are given to you by ATC in a short manner.

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OK thanks for the information. In that case, ATC tell me which SID and STAR and I can implement the way the vid showed I posted before.

I checked the 18:20 mark and yep, you select them from the database and add them to the flightplan. That way you can easily change them later if needed.