Implement some type of LOD fading system to help reduce terrain and object pop-in

Sometimes I’m flying around terrain or points of interest such as the Rock of Gibraltar but the object detail is bad until I approach very close to the object. The same thing happens with objects at airports such as taxiway signs, other planes on the ground, baggage carts, etc.

Some other games use an object fade-in approach to reduce the “popping” at different LOD levels. Please implement something like that to improve graphics quality and realism. Thanks!

Seconded. I think object pop-in got worse with the last couple of Sim Updates.

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Yep, this would be great if feasible.

I remember Crimson Skies had something like this in place in the early 2000s which was kinda impressive - objects were faded in for like 5 seconds which made the immersion way better than just popping them in and this would especially great to see on terrain and PG over here :slight_smile:

Anyway I guess in these cases it would be too resource intense but I’d also just go with airport objects as OP stated.

Adding a fade transition to objects would add load to CPU and GPU and likely create stutters as animations are really hungry.

It would be far better to sort the loading of objects performance out so that we don’t have popping.

I don’t know the code but Multithreaded Asset Loading should fix this - it does require a lot of work and would be best done when transitioning over to DX12.

Will this issue improve with direct storage? This game from Microsoft-Asobo should implement it as soon as it is available.

yes this issue is so stupid!

The terrain popping can be very distracting, especially with photogrammetry.
I propose to add a fade-in (opacity factor 0->1) to new PG LoDs being loaded so the change from the previous LoD is not so jarring. This should also be applied to the trees being loaded.

Thank you!

That may look better form a visual perspective, but I isn’t think it would do a thing to improve performance, which a goal of having different LODs. It would require both LOD levels to transition between to be loaded at the same time. That may even be slower than if it had one or the other.

SU 10 was the best fase for the LOD pop in. it was so incredible till the SU 11. then so it began to fall and broke the immersion. hope this back to that good time.

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