Important international airport missing as well as many other airports

would it be possible to incorporate all the airports of the whole world, it is an aircraft flight simulator it would be normal to have all the airports listed all over the world.

I have a few questions for the msfs 2020 team:

  • 1st question: the seasons that you promised when msfs 2020 was released, they are still not in the simulator after 5 months. When are you going to put this option in the simulator?
  • 2nd question: could the msfs 2020 team think of the canadian pilot and include some nice international airports like Montréal, Toronto, Calgary, as well as Vancouver, redone by hand? Honestly, many of us were disappointed with Montreal Trudeau Airport, Quebec, Canada

Known issue since day 1. Has something to do with Bing Maps satellite imagery. Is being addressed by the Community. Check at
And please check the search function next time. Thank you.

Any missing airport is either;

  • blurred on Bing maps (mostly due to (mixed) military use)
  • obscured by clouds on Bing maps

All other airports have been added by the Blackshark AI autogen (36000+ of them).

Only way to get them added in the future is reporting them to Zendesk (support link in the top bar).

I wouldn’t hold my breath on Canada getting any significant updates. We always get the short end of the stick, and I don’t expect MSFS to be any different, despite some of the best quality and coverage of photogrammetry on the planet, we get left behind.

Take a look on There are good freeware Canadian airports and sceneries available. Particularly for Montreal and Toronto.

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Actually, I meant to say ELEVATION data and not photogrammetry. We have some of the best data of the vast majority of the country, despite it’s size. Our photogrammetry on Bing is about as one would expect it to be - behind Google in every respect. lol

We do have many photogrammetry cities in the sim. It’s really just the main downtown cores of the biggest cities though.

If that elevation data is available for free, it might get added in a future world update. If there’s a big fee for commercial use, that might be an explanation of why it’s not in the sim.

Might also explain why it’s being used on Plenty of people not paying commercial fees for google/elevation data :stuck_out_tongue:

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Suposedly they are working on a scenery gateway like thing. Once that is here we will be able to update ingame airports and have it included as the base airports for everyone. So all missing airports will be made by the community. :slight_smile:

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