Important Landmarks / Reporting Point

This Sim is clearly targeting to visualy represent the world as is and therefore to VFR Flying.

BUT: it misses some very important Details: Reporting Points and important Landmarks.
There are no churches, Castles, etc. in the sim.
Some of them are even mandatory reporting Points for VFR in Europe but also very iconic Landmarks in big Cities. Eg Vienna is completely missing it Cathedral.
And from what I saw by overflying other cities, it seems that there are no AI generated churches at all in the sim. They appear - if at all - as appartment or Office Buildings of wrong shape and hight.
Same applies for mosques and similar in other parts of the world.

As much as I like the idea of AI generated Buildings, it definitely needs a few more categories and probably some simplified 3D Models at least to mimic the Standard look of such Buildings if no correct representation is possible.


Agree. Need much more work on their auto gen. If we aren’t going to see any additions to Bing Photogrammetry, then at least give us improved textures and models for auto gen. Churches, Mosques, and Temples would be an excellent start. Regional architectures, like Asian, latin american, middle eastern, african, and various european styles, would go a long way to fixing what is quickly becoming a meme of one singular flat grey apartment block representing every single building.

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They could do a little with a lot with that approach. A “suspension” category of bridge for starters. Should be cheap AI to differentiate between essentially a low level elevated road and a 510ft suspension bridge like the Humber Bridge. Throw in a generic radio mast too whilst they are at it.

If there was way for users to report or request an AI review of VRPs and landmarks could be the way forward.

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As a total newbie the ability to report missing landmarks would really draw me in, and I suspect thats true of a lot of new sim’ers / gamers MS could attract. For instance I’ve worked at the GTC telescope in the Canary Islands, and was a bit disappointed to see such an iconic (in the science world) landmark so poorly rendered…

Love the Sim, want better landmarks, and an easy way to report issues on that in-game would be awesome

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Same to me. VFR reporting points are missing in this beautifull scenery