Impossible to bind any button on the VR parameters so it doesn't function

I Have a HTC vive first generation and When I turn VR on, I’ve got a offset window in the headset that tells me to activate the recenter VR button, but I can’t map any button to this parameter and I saw in the parameter’s tab that there is no possibility to map anything. I can’t understand why I’m unable to map a button… anybody having the same issue ?

You can bind the functions under controls on your keyboard.

Yep, the only buttons I can bind are the VR-Toolbar Toggle and the VR-Activate/Deactivate in VR Mode. None of the rest I can bind, at least I haven’t found a way yet. Hoping someone has a workaround. Can’t use the keyboard like that under the headset.

Same here. Why are those functions even in the VR tab under graphics and not in the controller-section where the mapping is happening? Dont see that its even possible to ever do a mapping in graphics tab. I have to reset seatposition in steam vr to get seat in the propper place in cockpit. And only seat up and down works and not for and back or left and right.

I’ve got the same problem. No keyboard bindings at all for VR ad I can’t add them, so I can’t reset my view when it starts up.

There are 4 VR important controller bindings. Have you tried just typing VR into the bindings searchbox? It should be VR Recenter, VR Toggle, VR Zoom to Instrument and VR Toolbar.

Thanks for that, found 'em, but after binding only VR activate/deactivate and VR Toolbar Tab are working. Really need the Camera Recenter and Instrument Zoom to work, but no go yet. Also, MSFS and whatever is on my 2nd monitor minimizes to the taskbar, and the 3D mouse stops working. Know of any fix for these?

Go into controls. Go to your peripheral you want bind (keyboard).

In the search function for key names type VR.

All vr key binds with VR in name should show up.



Yes, this is very annoying. Just set them before enabling VR mode to get around this.

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