Impressions after first month, what i wish from the future

As an experienced general aviation simmer, here is my 2 cents.


  • Seasons (obviously, i know this is coming, but very important). Winter with and without snow.
  • Better mesh etc accuracy of course.
  • Runway lights are a tad too visible (from faraway) during the day?
  • Masts and other obstacles, powerlines (very important)
  • Many runways have too high trees on final etc, and/or hard to see the runway from downwind etc

Flight model: (for prop-planes)

  • More left turning tendency during climbs, especially with more powerful prop planes.
  • Carb ice
  • Less responsive controls at slow speeds


  • After flight -analysis like FSX already had. GPS track, vertical profile etc.
  • Map view like FSX had, where you can move plane, check frequencies etc
  • GPS coordinates, current Wind, G-forces display we had in FSX would be very nice.

Thanks alot. Love this sim already


Imagine this game in 2 years of time, when Asobo/MS will have added lot of new features and new airliners from 3rd party.

Just look at this X-plane 11 with addons clip :

Now imagine this game with 300 buck of addons.

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