Improve Quality - Xbox

As a programmer I know how difficult it is to keep a game of this magnitude working. However, there’s no excuse for ages long bugs to continue not to be addressed. It’s really frustrating that I end up quitting the sim out of exhaustion due to game breaking bugs.

Series X issues up to SU12

• Rain particles not showing up, only audible.

• ATC stops working after AI communications are enabled.

• Plan menu will freeze or run at < 5fps at times.

• A320 APU will reset at 8%. This happens in every cold start. Sometimes the issue isn’t fixable, leading to replan and fresh start.

• Saving and loading will lead to toolbar toggle not working once the flight is loaded while in the air. Simply can’t dedicate any time to lengthy flights.

• Weather presets can only be interacted with with a xb live subscription after SU11. (Tested)

These are the bugs I’m aware of. Almost certain there’s more stuff going on. But at least it seems the crashes are gone after SU11, I’m not getting any more black screens on the A320. The weather issue in particular should be addressed asap. I can’t purchase weather related add ons because I won’t be able to use them. SU13 should focus in fixing the game’s persistent bugs and some much needed performance and script improvements. As cool as the sim looks I feel quality is subpar at the moment, at least on Xbox.

Wishlist is an area for specific feature requests of the sim. We cannot accept wishes like, “Please fix this list of bugs”. I have moved your post to General Discussion where people can discuss this. But it cannot be a Wishlist topic.

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