Improve the ground surface textures

By ground surface textures I mean, things like the cracked mud effect to simulate dry fields of mud and the asphalt/concrete.

The textures are far too inorganic and unrandomized and give off an unnatural feel and overall look aesthetically displeasing.

Here are some examples:

----Asphalt/Runway markings----

(Really lacks contrast between white and grey)

From distance:

In real life:

(Notice how the stones are much smaller and finer)

From distance:


(I turned off 3d grass so you can see the texture better)

What good grass looks like in my opinion (smooth and not patchy):

In real life:



In real life:



In MSFS & real life:


(Seems far too dark, but I could let that go down to satellite imagery source, but the sky appears far too bright and something just feels very off about the lighting and colouring, the graphics just appear dull, miserable and unsaturated.

Real life:

All in all, the graphics seem unnecessarily inorganic and inaccurate and I don’t think people are giving the graphics enough scrutiny, these graphical features are an eye-sore more than anything.

You put more effort into that post than Asobo is going to put at improving the textures. But I wish you good luck.


I support anything that can be done to constantly improve ground textures, along with everything else.

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Thanks. I agree. They really haven’t done any research when making the graphics of this sim.

A simple reference from real grass and real trees and real colours of real scenery would have made such a difference, I doubt they even did that, they probably just did it all by theory rather than sight. There’s a lot to be said for using your eyes rather than going by the textbook and doing what sounds right in the programming.

I’ve always thought the graphics are hugely overrated and while things can look really really nice at times, at other times they look appalling and ugly.

I see a lot of potentials for this game to look far far more consistently amazing and realitstic/authentic with just fairly insignificant tweaks here and there.