Improved ground handling services


Not a major issue for me, but it still bugs me every time so I decided to open a topic.

As the title indicates, I’d like to bring a request to Asobo’s attention to further improve ground handling services, or extent the SDK to such a state that 3rd party developers such as FSDreamteam have the ability to bring add-ons such as GSX to MSFS2020. At least to my understanding, they are (somewhat) impeded by SDK limitations.

But for the default GH that comes with MSFS, the ground power unit bugs me the most, as these days most (major) European airports use either ‘powerboxes’ or a small hole in the ground from which the rampers pull the ground power cables.

I can understand why they modeled the truck like they did as these are quite common in the US, but for Europe those are kinda rare.

Also the rotating warning lights on the ground power trucks are rather annoying, but now I’m just nitpicking I guess :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
So all-in-all I’d like to conclude my request to the following:
Would it be possible to add additional types/models of ground handling units (catering, busses, cleaning vans, ground power units, etc), so airport developers can choose more realistic or region-fitting models and types, or even model their own specific to the airport they are modeling?

Thank you for your consideration!

Yes, I would love to see further enhancements with realistic ground handling at airports. Their is room for a ton of improvement in this area.

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Agree, Ground services are just as important as anything else in my opinion.

This is the first thing you see when you start your flight. The immersion has to be spot on. As it stands now at big airports it looks reasonable but very clunky… at some point passengers with carry-ons and backpacks would be nice. At smaller airports they definitely need to work on the small push back tug and the person driving it. Most of the time with prop aircraft they run right through the propeller and don’t leave you room to maneuver. And please mix up the airport workers…. They all look like clones in the same vest. Add a few different looks. Need aircraft doors to open.

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Quick update; LatinVFR recently released a new line of products called ‘AREX’.
This add-on basically replaces all ground service vehicles and puts in place vehicle types and ‘liveries’ more appropriate to the region you are in. The biggest improvement is that they got rid of that weird truck with the GPU on it’s back, and replaced it by a cart.

LatinVFR currently has a set for Europe and one for North America: AREX – LVFR

Sounds good but I’m waiting for gsx, no point in paying for this when gsx might come soon.