Improved Multiplayer Functionality (Lobby System) like the good old days of MSN Gaming Zone for Flight Simulator

Everyone wants better Multiplayer functionality for FS 2020.

Organising group fly ins on this forum is just a nightmare at times, and a pain. In the good old days, MSN Gaming Zone in the early to mid 00s, you could simply create a lobby room and wait for people to join. You would fly with friends instantly and advertise the airport you wish to fly. It was very simple. It was quick to create a themed session, advertise it and get players / or join a session.

I would like to fly with many people all over the world at once.

Please Microsoft/Asobo, bring back a lobby style system - also with chat functionality (chat room/audio).

Made many friends back in the day on the old system, it’s a shame you shut it down in 2006.

My previous thread about the good old days of MSN Gaming Zone for Flight Simulator is here

A dedicated area where you can invite people, setup a flight plan, and then launch from there would be ideal. Perfect for local airshows, formation flying or full flight plan routes. That’s where the fun is in Flight Simulator. Build the Multiplayer Community better Asibo. It needs a PLATFORM and it is crying out for this. Please do it! That’s how you develop the Sim.

How about, set up a flight plan. Open XBox overlay. Invite pilots to “party” so they can all voice chat, live. Open a group in MSFS and invite, spawn and go fly.
Just recently did a formation practice flight with 4 other pilots. Seamless setup. All on coms. I thought the MP setup worked pretty good. In the “good ol’ days” I used to have to wait for the neighbor to get off the party line, before I could use the phone hanging on my kitchen wall. Now my smart phone vibrates in my pocket while I am standing in a stream, fishing.
Familiar is not always better and sometimes better can be a pain to get used to.

Flying Flight Simulator 2020 many times is a solo activity, that’s why i’m suggesting the creation of a LOBBY SYSTEM where we could create a lobby room and wait for other players to joint it (Room with chat and audio functionality).

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This is actually a fun idea!

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Thanks :wink:

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