Improvement in realism and operation of turboprop engines

With the focus on missions and adventures, it will be inevitable that in the new sim we will see a lot of turboprop planes and turboshaft-powered helicopters. Therefore, it would be resonable to expect that the legacy FSX turboprop model be re-written from the ground up. The days where developers need to code their way around it to create something that behaves more realistically than a piston engine with sounds swapped should be gone. I wish our friends at Asobo would create a wholly new turboprop model that would be more flexible and could be used to accurately and believably (in another words: that from the cockpit it would look and feel like the real thing and could be flown according to real world techniques for a given powerplant) simulate:

  • Free turbine turboprops (PT6 and modern turboprop airliners)
  • Single shaft turboprops, both constant rpm (L-188, C-130H, MU-2) and variable rpm (RR Dart and other British turboprops) installations
  • Single shaft turboshaft engines with clutch as in Aerospatiale helicopters (Alouette, Lama)
  • Various propeller-related functions, like different blade locks (F-27 has 3 or 4 on its Rotols if I remember correctly), beta range (including “approach beta” on the Twin Otter and PC-6) and autofeathering
  • Correct performance changes based on air density (altitude and temperature) and water/methanol injection systems as used eg. on L-410 and F-27 family aircraft
  • FADECs and analog engine controls, CTOT systems like in the Saab 340
  • Ideally, with failure and wear/tear system announced, we should have possibility to do hung starts, hot starts (on non-FADEC engines like on most older turboprops and helis like Bell 206), suffer a propeller runaway or dangerous engine vibration

I know It’s a detailed list and might sound a little bit entitled, but with the profile of the new sim that will focus on the other branches of aviation than GA Cirruses and A320 bus rides from LHA to CDG, It’s reasonable to ask for this I think. There have been some requests popping up here and there on the forums through the years, and MSFS turboprop simulation has certainly improved, but if there would be a complete overhaul, with the new sim that will go beyond anything any previous flight sim has ever offered, it’s the best moment to do so :pray:

I hope we will be able to practice our muscle memory of button pushing during a non-FADEC start, or hear the screech of a Friendship’s RR Darts as it struggles from a high altitude airport somewhere in the South American mountains and see the green lights of water injection panel glowing as we pray for our performance calculations to be correct :blush:

Sincerely, a turboprop lover


I agree that this sim the turbo prop throttles have really improved but sounds like you drove them and know more about the reality of them , I’ve only the Cessna 210


100% agree.

Turboprops occupy a major niche in aviation and have their own unique requirements.

Some 3rd party versions are very well modelled - particularly the FSR500, which has many realistic requirements and failures. It’s incredible how many experienced simmers (including more than a few IRL pilots) were burning out their starter motor or getting hot starts when it first came out.

So it’s possible, but really this kind of realism should be part and parcel of any decent turboprop. Managing the aircraft systems and the powerplant in particular is part and parcel of aviation and as important as stick and rudder skills. But I know it’s not easy for the Devs who develop these high fidelity models and involves a lot of custom coding and complex workarounds to overcome SDK limits.

Give FS2024 (and 2020) the turboprops it deserves!


Thanks for raising this issue. I hope that it gets lots of votes. For some reason Asobo don’t seem to be paying much attention to turboprops and they are very popular among flight simmers.

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Well, so do I. Even though it doesn’t seem to be receiving much attention as of now :frowning:

Haha, a good one :smile:
Sorry, but unfortunately most people playing MSFS won’t even understand what you’re talking about. Many don’t even realise that a turbocharged engine and a turboprop engine are different types of engines. The topic of improving/rewriting the default turboprop model has been on this forum since MSFS beta, Asobo advertised the change and abandoned it half-way, as with all their features, switching to famous flyers, city updates, dune, and all other stupid stuff.

P. S.: I left a vote for your thread nonetheless.


Agree 100% and I don’t have high hopes but alas, what can one do. The whole hobby seems to be going down the drain lately.