In advance of the next update - some preparation perhaps

Just a suggestion to the team to perhaps compile a specific list of pre-work that could / should be done prior to the incoming update (and prevent launch-day issues). Would be handy to have anything published / posted in advance.

Specifically, any in-sim or Windows settings to reduce issues with installation, CTDs, or settings within the sim that will need to be refreshed / rechecked (especially those that will be impacted by the next update).

  • Windows: synchronize time settings
  • Windows: disable power monitoring software
  • Windows: confirm updated list of incompatible software
  • Windows: install and update Xbox app?
  • Windows: MS Store procedures?
  • Windows: disable full screen optimizations
  • Windows: set virtual memory to match system memory
  • Nvidia CP: ?
  • Sim: temporarily disabling rolling / static cache?

BTW, the list above was compiled from these articles (which are great), but a vastly under-used / rated, especially that they get get updated fairly often.
All versions - Download stuck on packages / Install loop & Decompressing issues – Microsoft Flight Simulator Support (

All versions - Loading issues (stuck on loading screen, long loading times, stuck on black screen, etc…) – Microsoft Flight Simulator Support (

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All versions - How to improve the performance – Microsoft Flight Simulator Support (

In my case at least, it is VERY important to make sure that bandwidth is set to UNLIMITED. This is true of both the setting in MSFS itself, and the setting in the Windows Update section, under “Delivery Optimization”.

Interesting. Thanks for sharing.

My preperations for updates are always way more easy and straight-forward:

Step 1:
Start Flight Simulator 20.

Option 1:
No update means no update. Painting some liveries, doing some flying…

Option 2:
Ah an update - have a look inside the hangar to see if there is something new and exciting to find and see if some airplanes have been bugfixed and visually enhanced.

(on one occasion I had to put the Community folder files into a new folder and put it back again for the first launch after the update.)

Make a full system backup and write down all your settings ! Its common that you loose all configs and then you have to spent hours remembering them

That would be ideal, and I’ve been lucky with that for a few updates in the past.

Unfortunately not the case with SU5 (where my controller UI is inop, assignments were lost, trim malfunctions, lost bush trip history, graphic / terrain issues, etc.). Hoping to avoid a repeat with future updates.

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