In-Game Flight Manual Window

@CaptMatto suggested the creation of an in-game Flight Manual/Pilot’s Operating Handbook (POH) window that displays PDF’s and perhaps other file formats. The whole purpose being mainly to allow Xbox users to see manuals. But it would be useful for everybody on all platforms. I don’t know what file format would be required to maintain Xbox compatibility, so it should include HTML format files as well so images can be used.

FSX used to have this (though I don’t know how many people knew).

Hopefully on PC you could set up access to any number of PDF files or any other accpetable formats like HTML. A menu could be built that can be edited from fields in the aircraft.cfg at the top, or maybe a manual.cfg file.

It would be super nice if you could have the same manual access in not just during flight, but also in the Hangar.

As a side note (technically this should be another wishlist item), wouldn’t it be cool to have Hangar access to planes in the Marketplace before you purchased them (and after?), and include access to the manuals?

Shouldnt you ask for a manual first, then worry about this? :joy:

The main reason for this request is to allow Xbox users to be able to review the manuals for the planes that have manuals, which is nearly if not all 3rd party aircraft. Yes, it would be nice if Asobo created manuals for the planes they’ve created. Maybe you could make a wish for that?

So, no, I don’t think asking for those manuals is required before a feature request like this is created.

Okay I gotcha…I was thinking you were asking for game manuals and a way to read them. And your on xbox so no adding a second screen right? How bout copying over to tablet or phone?

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of issues at play here. One possible solution is - IF the 3rd party developers supply the manuals that are accessible to PC users typically within a directory within the package (like Carenado) were to give secondary access on the web for the manuals (not all do), then yes, users could download the manual to their phones assuming they can figure out how to install a PDF reader on the phone and access the file (the point is they don’t have a PC which is why they are using XBox).

Right now, Microsoft is not including the manuals for XBox users.

The point here is to come up with a standard method for storing files, with a method of reading those PDF’s in the software.

I found an app for PC that does this for me, and it’s great in VR, it would be a boon for all users to be able to review the manuals from within the aircraft, especially for Xbox users.