In-Game Scenery Bug Reporting

An in-game scenery bug reporting option would be great. Imagine coming across one of those “raised platform” lakes or rivers, and then just being able to select a “report scenery bug” icon from the drop down menu which would send a screenshot and location straight to zendesk. I think a lot of these go without being reported as it’s too much of a pain after the flight - take screenshot-note location-open zendesk-fill in a mountain of details-attach screenshot etc…

I know there is potential for this system to be abused but still easy to sort through the rubbish posts at the other end just by taking a quick look at the screenshots.


I was wondering if in the future we could have a different reporting system as to not swamp the bug reporting forum or help desk when reporting issues with terrains or buildings that could possibly be patched on a later date.

For example, you can fly underneath the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, but not through the large opening of Shanghai’s World Financial Center. The Eiffel Tower you can fly through, but some areas on the building can clip you out of nowhere. I’ve also had run-ins with very tiny grass fields and it said I crashed even though there was a good amount of clearance (2-3m) going over the object at the end of the runway.

In any case, I love everything that Asobo & Co. have done!


I totally agree, as current bug reporting is tedious and for small glitches (that might be important for betterment of sim, as we are all paid tester for the sim :)) user normally would not bother to log it as it asks for all the detail that sim can easily gather automatically. Every time I fly I see multiple glitches mainly scenery and airport related like wrong taxi way, wrong sign, wrong ICAO, tree or building just on final where it should not be etc etc

I’d also include a small text box where we can optionally include a note about the issue, like ‘I can’t fly under this bridge’.

If the generated bug report is tied to your gamertag, simply block those found to be abusing it from reporting anything in the future.

It could even generate ‘hotspots’ to get the most urgent attention. e.g. When multiple reports are received within a 5NM radius (of the average location of previous reports).

This would also remove the need to manuallly sort through and categorize hundreds of bug reports for the same location.