In Game Sim Pack Upgrade? Which one to get

I am wondering if it would be smart to buy the most expensive in-game upgrade just to cover all of my bases… would this include the analog C172 then? What do ya think?

It’s easy to check for yourself which aircraft and airports come with each tier of FS2020. What I can say is the different tiers do significantly discount the aircraft and airports. Pretty cheap for what you get but does any of it interest you? If not, then the decision is easy.

You should look at the planes/airports included at each tier and decide for yourself since only you know the kinds of flying you like to do. Similar for airports. Do any interest you or would you fly out of them very much?

I would suggest to look at the payware offerings and see how your available funding fits with the planes you want. But only you can decide this for yourself.

Thanks. I’ll have to read the finer print on what comes in the packages.

Microsoft could do a better job even here describing the different versions. But here are two good graphics…

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well I went for premium deluxe, the dreamliner is getting better, especially with the mods and you get 5 big airports, I upgraded via the xbox game pass free version, so that saved a bit of cash, plus I just don’t want to get into that Am I missing Out? syndrome. To be honest airports on the marketplace whether good or ok are not cheap. Of course there are some stunning freeware airports like Gatwick. If FS2020 is your big rig thing I would go for premium, Just remember when the study level aircraft arrive, they are not going to be cheap.I was even tempted to get xplane 11 just for inibuilds A300, but having been around fs since the days of sublogic this can get to be a pretty expensive hobby. I love heavies and actually worked in the industry very very closeup, like rivets and fairing panels and gallons of paint, but if you are a vfr bush pilot guy the heavies and the hustle and bustle might not interest you.

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I’m taking sheet metal right now :slight_smile:


go go go! when all the glamour and the uniforms and the caviar in first class are gone, and the bird is in the hangar getting up close and personal is as wonderful as the roar of an MD11 at Memphis

I got the Premium edition, but, can’t seem to find the analog gauge Cessna 172…

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