In multi window mode, MSFS reset extra windows position back to main display

I use 3 displays and have 2 extra windows for both sides. Every time MSFS start up, or start a new flight, both side windows reset back to main display. Their position is surely saved to the config file, since if I go to “Experimental option”, and change them back to window from full screen, they will immediately jump back to their correct positions, that means I have to set them up every time I start a flight or jump in/out of VR which is particular annoying. About a year ago, I managed to make the left side stick, but not the right side, not sure what I did though. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Hi @Macbrush,
I occasionally have almost the same problem. I have only two MSFS windows (Main & 1 Experimental), with 3 displays, visually set up in Windows Settings | System | Display as: Display 3 - Display 2 - Display 1
Display 1 is a 55# TV where I want the main MSFS window
Display 2 is a 32" TV where I want the Experimental window
Display 3 is the main Windows display (i.e. with the taskbar), with no MSFS window configured for it.

MSFS is set up for the main MSFS window to be on Display 1 & Experimental window on Display 2

When starting MSFS, the main MSFS window will always start on Display 3.
The Experimental window always starts on Display 2, as required.

Usually, it will switch to Display 3 when MSFS reaches the 40th Anniversary splash screen. If not, I Alt-Enter when MSFS reaches the 40th Anniversary splash screen to get it to jump to Display 1, then Alt-Enter again to return MSFS to full-screen on that display.

It makes no difference if I exit MSFS in windowed or full-screen mode.

Unfortunately, I have no solution to this. But having to Alt-Enter twice is no big deal…

Thanks, I too use alt-enter on Window 1 and 2, it’s no big deal in normal flight, but it’s particular annoying when I need to switch in and out of VR, total immersion destroyer.