In playable

Hi everybody
I got to say from pictures and videos I’ve seen what a game. From what I’ve seen I looks like it beats fsx tenfold but I can’t play it and see for myself

I think a lot of people who have purchased this are in the same boat as me here so can someone who really know what they are talking about to comment on what I’m about to say. Yes we all have comments and advice but really the people who really know is the developers but if they can’t comment then and input would help a lot of people

I purchased this game as I’ve always been a long life flight summer.
I have I think a mid range pc that I built 10years ago so it’s a bit out of date but still beats most people’s pc including the minimum game requirement
My specs are
I7 2600k
16 gigs ram
P67 mother board
Nvidia 1660ti graphic card

I can’t even look around in any plane as it lags continuously
Ok I understand my pc is lower end for what game requires so it should still play it surely

What I want to know is is this worth spending £1000 plus on upgrading my pc or am I just waisting my time here
I have seen post on various forums from people who have high end pc and still struggle for quality
I’m not a person to settle for low quality as it would give me the ump every time I played the game so high end graphics is what I’m after so what equptment would that be
I think it’s a bit wrong for most people in the world to be fare to have to go out and spend thousands of pounds just to play a game that was exspensive in the 1st place
I’m personally willing to do that as flight sim is my life as sad as that sounds. It only game I play I just love flying but still think it’s not fare

So really truthfully what do is flight simmers need to play this game at a good quality. I have seen what’s recommended but as I said people with better are still struggling to be happy so what is the best equipment to play this game

Many thanks

I have RTX 2060 Super, 16GB Ram and ryzen 2600 and gameplay is very smooth on 1080p High-Ultra, except for large towns. I would sugest wating for the new RTX 3000 series and possibly Ryzen 4000 and then build new pc, I would not rush to play this game, there are still lots of bugs they need to address. Your cpu and DDR3 ram will bottleneck 1660ti. Before 2060 I had RX 580 and it was playable on medium settings.

You do need to upgrade. Here are my specs

Ryzen 2700x
32 GB DDR4-3200
Samsung NVME SSD
LG 27" 4K monitor

While my machine is powerful, it’s certainly not top of the line - the processor is one generation old, the GPU isn’t a 2080 Ti.

Even so, I am playing at 4K Ultra settings without touching any of the settings!

How do I do this? Well, at the moment I’m doing a world tour and am currently over Algeria, Africa in a TBM. The plane is simple, and the scenery isn’t too complicated and I can easily get 30 fps while I’m in the air. When I’m close to a big city it gets choppy, but I’m only near a big city once in a long while. It’s perfectly playable and I love seeing the crisp scenery of the desert from the air.

I also fly the 787 from EDDF (Premium Deluxe, so hand crafted) to other big airports. My machine cannot handle EDDF + 787 at 4K Ultra - it drops to 10 fps. However, once I’m in the air at 20k ft+, I CAN play at 4K ultra with the 787. I get around 25-30 fps.

If I switch to 4K Medium, or 4K High-end, I get better results.

Screenshots (Note that these are NOT representative of what I see on my screen - I had to downscale them to 80% to get them small enough to upload. Just look at the FPS counter.). This represents near worst-case scenarios for my machine. It’s much better when I’m in the air.

Let’s start with 4K Ultra

Now 4K High-End

And finally 4K Medium

The pictures look amazing. I just want to play it bugs or not
I am thinking i7-10700x and a new mother board and perhaps double my 1660 as I not long ago got it
Any ideas on that?

The i9-9900ks looks good also but it’s mega money

I have read somewhere that the ideal requirements to play this are
33gb ram
Rty2080 vram 8gb

Do you think that could handle fs maxed out?

Even i5 10600k is very decent, much cheaper and only marginal difference against 10700k.
You can’t sli 1660 and even if you can you will not be getting decent fps. You need to look for at least 2070 super or 2080 or like I mentioned wait for new RTX 3070. Make sure your PSU is decent.

Don’t bother with SLI. A better CPU, and either a new 2070S or wait for the 3xxx series of cards that are about to release.

I’m going to sell my 2070s and get a 3080 (or whatever they call it) when it launches. That should have me sorted for the next few years :slight_smile: