In-Progress Bush Trip resetting GPS to origin

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I was 52% of the way finished with the France Bush Trip prior to the patch. Since the patch, it appears that although I’m at the correct airport, the G1000 thinks I’m starting from the beginning. Note from the screenshots that I am at LFMK going to POI69. Yet, if you look at the G1000, it thinks I’m at LFCS going to POI1.

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Start an in-progress bush trip.

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I noticed this on a few bush trip legs myself. Can’t remember which trips they were though.
(Was a while ago.)

Fire up an external navigation tool or moving map and ignore the in game GPS. If you know where you need to go you can hand fly or use HDG.

Frankly, the in-game descriptions are trash at times on these Bush Trips, so I usually just use the GPS. It never made sense to play a guessing game on where I’m supposed to go, in a “simulation” where I should know in advance. If you were flying those legs IRL, you’d be planning every step of the way well in advance. I’d rather it work as intended than use workarounds.

That’s exactly why I chose to use external nav tools.
(and indeed, the route descriptions leave a lot to be desired, I seem to remember on at least a couple they were also completely wrong!)

I found there are two scenarios…
1, the best case, the waypoints and destinations are still in the GPS. If this is the case, you can find the current nav point in the GPS by clicking Flight Plan, and scrolling down until you find the wypt to wypt arrow (magenta) and click CLR until you get to the correct spot in your trip

2, the flight plan and destinations are empty/erased, in which case your best bet is to just enter direct to each runway manually and fly straight there. remember to watch your altitude in case there are mountains in the way

I didn’t realize the bush trips would count if you skipped the waypoints between airports. I thought you had to find each one.

as long as you land at the airstrip designated for that leg, youre fine. you dont have to hit all the waypoints, but usually, that path is easier (though longer)

on the Patagonia trip, you have to make sure to climb over a few mountains on a direct route