In Sim - Logbook / Flight Planning / Flightbag App [Feedback wanted]

Hi All.

I’m in the process of developing an in-sim flightcase app and wondered whether the community could give some feedback to my ideas?

The app runs in a custom window in-sim and my intention is to have the following functionality…

  • Pilots Logbook with ability to add/edit/delete records, compare your hours with others and gain virtual qualifications (think PPL, Multi-Instrument etc)
  • Flight planning form with .pln upload functionality to generate a paper / printable plan or show on screen. Possibly with map (unable at present to get insim position)
  • POH manuals for various planes (mod team’s will be able to add their own) My own documentation from the G36 Improvement project will be available from launch. (see experimental branch of that mod)


  • A flight school covering certain subjects, e.g how to operate G1000 etc.
  • Economy based on flight hours of specific aircraft; reach x hours have to do oil change, this costs money etc.

I have the in-sim display working and pulling in the webapp, most elements above are in; in basic form, bar the flight school / economy part and still need to complete the out of sim web site.

I’d value eveyone’s feedback… Is this something people would use?

Economy based was already on with A2A airplanes and that was interesting.
The rest. Just for hardcore simmers. You would need to filter hours for type ratings and such. Not bad though unless you plan to del it for 50 bucks

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The filtering is definitely integrated already. :slight_smile: I wanted to keep track of my own progress and that was one of my core ideas.

Ideally I’d like to cover the cost of the hosting and bandwidth of the server so was thinking of a very small monthly fee around £1 or 1$ ish but not sure yet whether to or not.

This is the type of data that will be available in the logbook.

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Well that’s lots of info , it seems interesting to have that info for real hardcore fsimers.
Sorry to say but I hate those subscriptions plans. Just personal preference !

No Problem - I think it will be good to capture that for the simmer and it looks far more daunting than the way I’ve built the form to capture the info. The main site will have graph breakdowns as well.

As for charging people the intention is to cover the cost of the server - totally not tied to any sort of model and may even go the donation route but it’s something on the back of my mind. Server cost is just under £200 a year at present so ideally I’d like to cover that at least.