Inadequate FPS compared to the CPU used - Limited by mainthread

Hi! I wanted to ask here, because I find this behavior odd.

I have a Ryzen 7 7800X3D, 32GB DDR5 RAM running with AMD EXPO on 6000MHz and CL30, RTX 3070Ti on 1440p

And I’m getting around 30 - 50 FPS while using these settings:

When I run the FPS counter in the Debug mode, I’m getting limited by mainthread, despite CPU working around 50% (neither core fully loaded) and GPU working around 60%. Yes, my VRAM is getting quite full, so that might be the issue, but what is bugging me that I’m still limited by the mainthread. Temperatures are fine for both CPU and GPU.

Any clue?

Also, which I forgot to add. I have disabled ALL the AI traffic, including vehicles, etc…

I was about to go through how you can’t go by utilization monitoring because the sim primarily runs only on one or two cores, but this caught my eye:

Are you saying you looked at the specific cores being utilized by the sim and they are not loaded to 100% while also being reported as CPU limited? If so, another user recently had a similar issue and turns out his Windows power settings were set to power saving mode. That would be the first thing I’d check in your case.

Also check that your clock speeds are normal and not being throttled. Current AMD CPU’s are designed to boost until they hit either power or thermal limits. The 7800x3d shouldn’t be getting power limited, but an undersized cooler could result in thermal limiting. The main thing to look at would be clock speeds because it is normal for it to run into the 80’s nowadays and that alone will not harm them.

Can you pls post a snap shot of your fps window thx!

I may be mistaken, but I don’t think ‘Main Thread’ = CPU.
Maybe mostly CPU, but there are other metrics involved in that ‘Limited By’ report.

this is normal under regular circumstances