Incorrect coding of LFMN RNP A 04L/04R and LDSP RNAV VISUAL 23

(Last year I reported this bug on Zendesk (Request #196271) and received a reply which recommended I make a post here on the forums to track the amount of players experiencing this issue.)

Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?


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Yes, I have removed it all

Brief description of the issue:

The navdata coding for these two approaches is incorrect:

  • RNP A 04L/04R at LFMN
    • In the sim it is coded as two separate approaches, one for each runway.
    • It should be a runway-unspecified circling approach, and not two separate approaches
    • In the sim it is not labelled as an LNAV approach.
    • According to the approach chart it is an LNAV approach because it has published LNAV minima.

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The first approach is incorrectly listed as two separate approaches:FlightSimulator_pPdvMGtVe0

LDSP RNAV VISUAL 23 approach chart
LFMN RNP A 04L/04R approach chart

Detailed steps to reproduce the issue encountered:


  1. Select LFMN as the destination on the world map
  2. Open the list of approaches
  3. Notice that there are two RNP A approaches when there should only be one

(It is also listed as two separate approaches when the MSFS navdata is loaded into LittleNavMap)


  1. Start a flight in the TBM 930
  2. Try to load the RNAV VISUAL 23 approach into the FMS
  3. Notice that the approach cannot be found in the plane, but it can be found in the world map approaches list, because Working Title have decided to filter out non-LNAV approaches from the G3000, because the TBM 930 cannot fly RNP approaches that are not LNAV labelled or something

(I would like more information on what being LNAV-labelled means and how to check the game’s navdata in a more exact way)

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Not relevant

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I don’t remember. I would guess that this issue has existed since the release of the game.

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After reviewing a previous topic on this issue, I found that being LNAV-labelled means that an approach has a published LNAV-only minimum. This seems to be the central discrepancy with the LDSP RNAV VISUAL 23 approach.