Incorrect Live UTC Time after passing time zone line

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No, but using devmode to slide the time along seems to be the only fix.

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This can not be an issue caused by any addons I have installed.

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I first noticed this happen a few weeks ago, while cruising along. I noticed that the sun was no longer setting, looked at the live time (and clock in the aircraft), it had set me back by a few hours. Even though the time claimed to be live.
Yesterday this happened again, it set me backwards by one hour.
Today it reoccured, setting me back by around 3 hours. This one was far more obvious because it suddenly went dark.

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Imgur: The magic of the Internet
(UTC was actually 11:27am)

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Fly an aircraft with live time/weather.

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Can you see a correct METAR when this happens? Since at least a few days I get a similar bug - Time either off or stops completely + 'NO METAR AVAILABLE'

When it happens, the weather stops injecting and I also can’t get any METAR from the weather menu. If I try to reset the online functionality, the game crashes.

The weather remains just fine, which is what makes this issue even stranger.

First time this happened, I was AFK, so missed the precise point. Two of the 3 times this has happened, was where the local time zone would switch. However, the change in UTC i am seeing does not reflect the change in local time. It seems to be reverting back to the UTC time I originally loaded in.

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Bug just happened again, time was 12:18 UTC… it’s not :31 anywhere in the world…

I seem to have started my engines possibly around the 9:31UTC mark, this may have some bearing on what is happening.

It happens on almost all long flights for me. It is 1:30pm UTC right now and my in-game time shows 1.05PM UTC. I think it is random and not related to the time you took off - I started my flight at ~10.30AM UTC and the time was correct for the first 2.5 hours.

An update on this topic. Since I first created it, I have an entirely new computer which shares no commonality with my old one (other than the connection ofc) and I am still experiencing variants of this bug.
Last week I was performing some holds and patterns off the east coast of Scotland, my path took me over the GMT line multiple times, the live UTC time again bugged out.
A few minutes ago whilst flying eastbound over Newfoundland (near another time zone line), my UTC was reset to the time at which I first loaded into the flight.

From what I can tell, this bug is almost certainly triggered when flying over a time zone line.

Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?

Cannot comment, but it is possible

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I setup a flight from Dallas to Seoul last night, and took off fine and all was as normal. I was aware that it would be a flight that was in the dark 100% of the time, which is why when I woke up I got suspicious as I seen it was day time - I thought my flight plan had messed up and I went the opposite direction or something, but nope. I have live time and weather on, but when flying over Japan, it shouldve been roughly 9-10pm local time, instead it was in the middle of the day. I took off from Dallas at the correct local time, as it had just started to get dark there.

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Another update on this topic:

Still having the issue. Flying over the GMT line at 69N kind of latitudes (or thereabouts - in the norwegian sea area) seems to be a 100% recreatable bug which is reverting my “live UTC” time to whatever time it was when my engines were started.

Again this bug seems to be 100% repeatable, regardless of aircraft, regardless of addons.

Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?

Same issue as the OP

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Flying HDAM-RPLL approximately south of the arabian peninsula time was changed from night to day; offblocks 15.40Z. almost 2 hours into the flight time is 13.20Z, so it looks like the clock was moved 2 hours backwards. This problem has been around since FS2004… I remember it happening there too and it was fixed with a modified bgl file, so probably something similar happening here too IMO.

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I confirm the existence of this annoying bug, most frequently happens on westbound Atlantic crossings for me, not every time, but often enough. Only work around I have is to to note the expected arrival time and play with the time slider until the FMC ETA matches the expected time.

For the love of all things holy please fix this bug already…


Additional point, since I’ve remembered now: I triggered this bug at the Majuro atoll a few months ago, so the suspicion might be something with GMT line and the IDL. Both instances are always westbound crossings.

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Triggered again south of the equator on a FRA-CPT flight.

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Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?


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Totally random. Happened about 4 or 5 times since launch. Thought it was my mind playing tricks until it happened on a transatlantic Concorde flight. I took off in daylight but It started getting dark too early. The dark caught up with me which is impossible for Concorde. More recently happened again 2 days ago on a 78X flight from Amsterdam to Ecuador and I created a post about it. I fell asleep for an hour or two and the flight clock and time elapsed were 7 hours out of sync. A moderator directed me here. No idea what could be causing it. I had no server disconnection warnings or isp disconnections that I remember.

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No screenshots required.

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Had this on a long haul on Friday from London to Dubai, i’d configured my time so that it would be approaching sunset on my arrival and when I was approaching Dubai I noticed the sun was still at it’s highest point in the sky.

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Just a thought - was the simrate for the flight always at 1, or did you speed it up at any point during the flight?

In my case, no never.

Happend to me also 2 hours ago. Landed and taxi on ESSA. Bam the clock went back.

Happened between DEL-FRA and LHR-IAD in two different aircraft on two different days. In one case, it jumped half a day, with not even the minutes being correct, and in the other, I lost two hrs. I could re-set to current time but it’s weird

No, I think it may have come from freezes that the sim did when I disconnected and reconnected USB devices.