Incorrect Resolution on Second Monitor

Bonjour, depuis quelques semaines la définition sur mon 2 écran ou j’affiche la carte vfr, l’atc… Affiche une mauvaise définition par rapport à la définition normale de l’écran. J’ai fait un tas de recherche et impossible de trouver pourquoi j’ai ce bug qui est apparu sans aucune raison. Mes 2 écran sont branchés sur une carte graphique Ge Force RTX 3060. Je serais vraiment reconnaissant si quelqu’un pouvait m’aider.
Merci à tous.
Bonne soirée

Mod edit - Auto-translation using Bing Translate: Hello, for a few weeks the definition on my 2 screen where I display the vfr card, the atc… Displays a wrong definition compared to the normal screen definition. I did a bunch of research and couldn’t find out why I have this bug that appeared for no reason. My 2 screens are plugged into a Ge Force RTX 3060 graphics card. I would be really grateful if someone could help me.
Thank you all.
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Hello @kiss60500

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I also moved this post to #self-service as the Bug Template was not used, and it’s unclear that this is an actual defect of the sim.

Right click on your windows desktop and select Display settings :

Click your screens 1 by 1 , then check the bottom arrow if the resolutions are the same , change what is needed…

If this is about pop-out windows from MSFS specifically, I think there’s a bug where it renders all pop-out windows at the resolution of the primary screen instead of the screen they’re on.

For instance my 1440p monitor is primary for gaming at 125% and my smaller 4K monitor is secondary for desktop stuff at 200%. If I pop out the ATC communications window onto the second monitor (200% scale), all the text renders pretty small.

Good evening, thanks for the information, I try these settings as soon as possible.
Many thanks for your help.

Hello, I tried your advice to the letter, but it did not solve my problem! My 2 screens are in 1920X1080. Anyway, thank you for your help.
Have a good day

Hello everyone, good news, yesterday’s update on 07/15/2022 fixed my resolution problem on my 2nd screen, everything came back perfect! Thanks

Hello, it only worked for 2 days and why? Delirious!