Increase number of recent airport history entries

I think it would be very helpful to have the list of the most recent airports increased from the default 3 to a higher number, like 10.

I think favorite airport and airplanes would both be great additions.


Unfortunately we have a few wishlist topics for a list of favorite airports and we can only have one in the wishlist. As yours is the only one I could find for increasing the number of recent airports, I changed your topic so that it is only about increasing the airport history.


A very simple question and I’m hoping it’s a very simple config file somewhere I could edit for the fix. I frequently travel back and forth to the same set of around 20 airports in game. The problem is that the, “Recent,” list of airports is only 3 deep. I end up having to put in the airport codes very routinely, despite having, “Recent,” as an option, right there on the selection list. “Recommended,” on the other hand, has probably 20 entries? I get it, they want to highlight cool places to see. Sometimes that isn’t what we want though.

Does anyone know if this is within a config file somewhere to change? I can’t find any in-game option for it but it seems so trivial … I have no idea if they even thought people might just go to the same places, often. (Hello FSEconomy.)

That’s a really good question. The only thing I know is that MSFS only updates the current 3 most recent locations when you exit the flight and return to the main menu, not when you start the flight. If you exit MSFS without returning to the main menu, the most recent flight location is not included in the 3 listed.

This is quite a handy suggestion that hadn’t crossed my mind, hello onAir! :slight_smile:

I’ll see if I can find anything I’ve had a bit of luck removing tooltips and other tweaks but obviously I can’t make any promisses!

OK I have managed to find the files related to the departure menu, but there is no explicit limit of 3 set (at least that I can find within 30 minutes) I may stumble across it, or it could be passed directly from the engine and we don’t have access to it.

I’m kind of worried with an arbitrary number like that, it may be the case that it’s hard coded. Still, not a given it can’t be changed, just not as simple as a configuration file.

I like the feature, I just wish it was a bit more useful. Especially for those of us who are apparently routine enough to need the feature a lot. :slight_smile:

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Im an onAir user, I fly out of EGNX (East Midlands, UK) All the time :slight_smile: Would love a deeper history too.

I should try out OnAir. Everyone is saying it’s a bit more fun than FSE.

I have heard they are very similar but also very different! haha

I’ve tried Air Hauler 2 back on FSX that was pretty good, but old! It would run out of memory every 2 minutes, as would FSX!

I tried to get into FSE but they were smashed with new comers so I tried the onAir trial, really liked it.

Can we have more than 3 entries in the flight history or a favourites tab.
Currently its filled with POI’s that are easy to find and seem to be stealing useful space in the list.
Perhaps reverse the numbers and have the 3 nearest POI’s at the bottom if we have to have them there for reasons.

Thanks for your time.

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Where you click to pick a departure or arrival airport, it only lists the 3 most recent, but lists 54 suggested.

Can you make the recent at least 10 or 20? I have never once picked a suggested airport, but you list 54 of them there.



I guess I’m now one of eight simmers who would love to see perhaps ten (10) recently visited airports and FAR LESS recommended airports.

Really… a list of eighty (80) recommended airports? Who scrolls through all of those anyway?

Me? I’m looking to launch from my favorite airports and begin flying ASAP!

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This is a great idea. At least they’re actually kept now.

Along those lines… how about a “Pull-Down” menu for all the possible device (control menu) configurations.

Instead of having to scroll across your saved configurations… not knowing what order they are in… and having to wait for each to load (from the cloud - go figure - when they should be stored locally) before you can scroll to the next one, until you find the one you wanted.

This stuff is taught in user-interface 101.

Just sayin’

I found this guy’s mod which leads me to believe and hope that he might be able to implement our wish into his next update. MS FS 2020 - Modern UI 2.0 » Microsoft Flight Simulator



Good idea. Wish I weren’t out of votes.

Add the airport to the list when the flight starts. Make the recent list much longer. And bag recommended.

I’m surprised this doesn’t have more votes, it’s one of the first things I noticed, and is surely a trivial change but a useful usability improvement.

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