Increased shimmering after update to nvidia driver 471.11?

I installed the new driver earlier and was pretty happy with the performance. I feel like the shimmering of trees and buildings in the distance has increased a lot - anyone else getting this?

This is with the 200% render scale “hack” BTW, still shimmers. I swear it was clearer before. May have to roll back the driver…

Have you checked no nvidia control panel settings have been reset since the driver update?

Yeah I set them up the same as before based on a Screenshot, unless I missed something. What setting would affect shimmer apart from sharpen though, which is always 0?

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In nvidia control panel it says to turn Texture filtering-anistropic sample optimisation to off if you see shimering on objects. if that doesn’t do anything then im not sure what else other than ansitropic filtering not being used in sim.

I have exactly the same feeling, houses that are somewhat distant shimmer. I also use the 200 setting, my graphics card is a 1080ti

I’m not sure my feeling is exactly same thing with yours but it seems the overall long distance sceneries became blurry after the recent nordic world update. Now it’s more difficult to recognize VFR milestones like roads, runways, water systems, farm circles, etc from few miles away. I think this downgrading has brought by the world update since I’m still using old 466(?) nvidia driver.

Thanks I’ll try this

Hmmm oh man that could be true. But you are saying the whole world is affected, not just the Nordics right?

You are right. Regardless of the region, things look vague from a distance. Graphic might be tuned for the sake of performance but I’m not sure.

Downgraded graphic after the Nordic update may be a global issue not only for VR.

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