Incredible Incredible new bugs

I can think of nothing more, but no less drastic.
Here everything is done by computers and blind people sit in front of them?
With the new update all small towns were provided with concrete deserts
Here is my new place in Strausberg WIP (EDAY before missing) , which was optically perfect until yesterday.

Yeah, sure… with the next update we will fix this… then maybe there will be blue metal plates instead of water.


Please see my thread on the same issue and up-vote. This really needs to be fixed quickly. Thanks!

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Go into your data settings and turn off ‘photogrammetry’ and set the option to use off-line simulator to on. Once the changes have been confirmed, turn every thing on again, and I think your photogrammetry will return if that’s what’s missing. Unfortunately I cannot see the ‘bigger picture’ in your case. Charles

I believe most people are having that issue in areas without photogrammetry - at least for me this is the case.

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There is no photogrammetry, there is autogen. In my little home town the same cheese

Oh, I see. I totally lost the photogrammetry of Chicago and that’s how I managed to get it back. This is a different scenario then. Thanks’ for explaining that. BRGDS. Charles

Same here. My hometown has no high buildings IRL… in sim lots.

Or flying pigs

Nice how did you get that plane? :open_mouth:

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Converted from FSX

Hello. I have Big Problem. The sim is only crased After update . Anybody the same problem

When you are not connected to the servers you get a view that looks like that. You need to go to your avatar in the top right hand corner and select ‘log out’. Then it will prompt you to log back in and you will get a connection to a server and all will be well. I had this issue last week when i changed my email password (and my microsoft account is registered through that email).

On a slightly different note, when i had the low quality maps i noticed some of the bridges were better than the ones that are autogen’d.

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If you mean the game won’t start after the store update, then yes. Going through the “what to do if your game crashes” article they publish fixed it.