India and surrounding nations payware and freeware

Waiting for developers to target the airports that are located in india and surrounding nations.

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Im making VECC [Kolkata]. Should be done soonish

i also organized this on my own:


Will you be releasing these for xbox as well

for that i need to release in sim marketplace and its kinda hard to get into

Ground textures in Bangladesh are absolutely horrible right now. Must be a lack of satellite data in bing. Just fly east from VECC, and you can tell immediately from 40k feet where India ends and Bangladesh begins…

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Hi, my name is Alkee. i am the guy who made freeware VABB. Currently i am working on 5 airports

  1. VEPT (is now available on SimMarket )
  2. VOCI (45 % done)
  3. VOKN (20% done)
  4. VOML (35% done)
  5. VAJJ (85% done)
  6. VABB ( Terminal building are planned not yet started.)

All above airports will be highly detailed and close to accurate with real world. Its good to see some people are taking interest to bring India World Update. I will contribute whatever i can for the World Update


Excited for VOCI <3
You rock \m/

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Where can I download your airports? Thanks for your work.

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VABB (Freeware) :- VABB Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (BOM) » Microsoft Flight Simulator


Try it out now more airports on its way :relaxed:

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Great thanks.

Bhai VOBL bangalore payware bana do 20-50$ ka bhi ho hm sub karinde yaar ye airport cahiye bahi @Alkee5675

Hey @Alkee5675 , any update regarding VOCI or any other airports?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile: