Inertial separator mapping for Bravo Throttle Quadrant?

Has anyone actually managed to get the inertial separator of the TBM930 mapped to a switch on the Bravo Throttle Quadrant? I’m aware of this lengthy thread (that went off the rails) but nobody in it actually confirmed they were able to get it to work.

The thread repeatedly references “Set Engine Anti Ice 1” as the item to bind, but mapping that to one of the many switches on the Bravo doesn’t do anything. I can flip the switch all I want on the Bravo but the TBM never flips the inertial separator switch.


I have it working on mine. I used the “set anti ice on” and “set anti ice off” to one of my toggle switches.

That also turns on the Airframe Anti Ice switch. I want only the inertial separator switch.

I just went in and checked it and you are right, this now turns only anti ice and does nothing for the inertial separator . I admit I have not flown the TBM in a while (mostly flying the arrow and dc6) and did not know one of the recent changes broke this switch for me.

For anyone finding this later, I’m 99% sure the answer is “you can’t”.

It is possible to do this via SimConnect events, however, either through AxisAndOhs or MobiFlight:

TBM930_INERT_SEP_ON#1 (>L:XMLVAR_InertSep1_Switch)
TBM930_INERT_SEP_OFF#0 (>L:XMLVAR_InertSep1_Switch)