Infinite dowload loop

Well I still have a problem that is starting to really tire me, it must have been easily more than 5 hours since I try to download msfs, I managed to get through various bugs like the installation loop and the problems of decompression but here I am really stuck.
I’m stuck at the asobo-aircraft-dr400 file, I’m in an infinite loop and have tested absolutely everything, everything the already existing zendesk support can provide, I’ve also switched to a vpn and it still doesn’t work.
In any case, I congratulate Microsoft for doing worse than Cyberpunk 2077

I went for 4 days downloading 179 GB instead of just the 40GB (as already had game installed) on day 5 stuck in this loop I tried everything,suggested until I uninstalled MSFS 2020.Now I cannot reinstall it. Just error codes that no one has ever found a way to fix.
I will be cancelling MS store sub in 7 days. I really miss MSFS in VR but there is nothing I can do. I doubt wiping my PC completely would help. Some have already tried that and not succeeded.

Close the game. Head over to the official folder. Delete any loose file and/or the fila named as the one stuck. You can also try to delete the latest modified folder (sort by date). After that, restart the game and wait.

For about 8 hours, I’ve been doing the trick which consists of deleting the last folder or file when there is a blockage, but honestly it’s starting to take a long time. Pay so much money to finally be blocked by such a badly coded launcher

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The update / installer is a completely broken piece of software. I’ve had everything from indefinite download loops, CTD, to hanging installer which doesn’t even quit gracefully (has to be killed forcefully). Completely wiped my install and started fresh several times and nothing seems to work.

Giving up on FS2020. I’ve lost count with all the hours and downloads. Hugely disappointing.


I do not understand their choice to have a launcher, it is inconsistent. The steam client or the xbox application would have been enough to install it on PC, and the excuse of the game too heavy does not work, Forza Horizon 4 is almost 100gb and it is installed very easily via the windows store. In addition, we cannot update without launching the game. Honestly if the August 5 update does not fix the problem, I quit MSFS