Infinite Update

Is there any known fixes for the recent beta going into an infinite “Your game needs an Update” cucle? It downloads the 2.1 GB, restarts MSFS, and then tells me “Your game needs an Update” again. It is always the same size it downloads, but a reboot just wants to update again. Its done it 7 times so far before I killed it.

First: I installed MSFS from the MS Store. If you installed from Steam, the following is probably not applicable to you at all.

If you try the install from within the Xbox App (Click on “Show Queue” at the bottom left of the Xbox window), what do you see? Do you see items being “Queued”?

I had this “infinite loop” issue back in December when I first installed the game. Turns out my problem was related to a DirextX Runtime item trying to be downloaded & failing.


  1. In XBox, I had set the default download directory to D:\Microsoft Games. The install had been downloading the data to two folders within: 352EC54F-CE87-4965-9619-86D5D7F8AEF6 & 1526D95E-A767-4FAC-BD17-F1E5C8D28642.

  2. While the install was “Queued”, I temporarily moved these folders out of D:\Microsoft Games.

  3. In the Xbox app, I resumed the install. The download % notifications reverted from 9% to 0% (as expected), a short-lived (15 second) download occurred, then all items reverted to “Queued”. So, so far, no different than previous attempts to download.

  4. I then opened the MS Store App (with the Xbox app still open & the items all showing “Queued”) and navigated to my MSFS 2020 purchase.

  5. I clicked install (twice) to resume the install.

  6. Both apps immediately showed that the install was resuming.

  7. After a short time, the DirectX Runtime appeared in the Xbox app, as before, at 0%. As before, it soon disappeared from the screen.

  8. Except this time it did NOT reappear. Of the three remaining items, the first two MS Flight items (each 157GB total size) now were downloading. The third Digital Ownership item stayed Queued at 27% for a while, then completed.

  9. The initial install completed successfully.

I have absolutely NO idea if this information will help with your issue - yours may be entirely different, but you could try moving the two folders that I mention above from your install location. If it does not work, just move them back again.