Ini Builds A310 gear not retracting? how to solve a HDY problem?

Hello guys,

i noticed that after the lastest update of the A310 today the gear is not retracting? is this a known issue?

additionally, starting from cold & dark, after engine start, i am getting a low preassure hdy warning (see screenshot), how to solve this issue?

Thanks in advance for any feedback

Topic moved into Community Support as this aircraft is included in the base sim.

You forgot something during your Startup. There is on hydraulicsystem off.

By default you shouldn’t need to turn the pumps on for hydraulics BLUE,GREEN,YELLOW. No lights means “Auto”

If any light is illuminated on the upper panel something is wrong. Not including the green feed lines, but everything else. Upper panel needs to be dark.

I’ve done this myself because it says “on” even tho I knew better.
Dark panel = good to go

Imagine there’s a reason to want to turn the pump on, maybe for emergencies but unsure of a reason. I’m sure someone knows.

Should probably enable the PTU pumps to at least work around it, if its indeed an error. I haven’t experienced it myself though after the update. (PTU pumps are located on the overhead panel/hydraulics systems too).

Hi! Does this happen every time? If so, please confirm you are following the in sim checklist?

Hello, no it happened to me twice but recently not anymore, at the moment all running smoothly :+1:

I just had this problem on my two last flights. After engines started, I had no other choice than forcing the green pump to feed hyd green. Restarted from cold and dark and same problem again. Hyd green gauge (overhead) says there is pressure, but ecam says otherwise, and confimed by several errors on system display.

Same issue here after starting engines in cold and dark mode. It’s the first time for me (I have use this aircraft sometimes).

I must to activate electric pump to resolve issue.

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