iniBuilds A310 EFB not updating

Hi all,
So I’ve got the latest version of the A310 installed to 1.1.5 BUT the EFB is still stuck on version 1.1.4. On the updated version there should be the new Metar feature but its not there. I’ve tried the usual tricks to solve the issue but no success. Anyone had/having a similar problem?

Same here. The manifest file shows the version of 1.1.6, but EFB remains 1.1.4. Game version is 1.29.30 release.

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Have a look here you might find the answer:

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Found solution. In my situation, this is caused by the cabin lights and IFE or welcome screen mods which contains some files about EFB, which makes EFB remaining at an older version. I solved this problem by removing these related mods.

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SOLVED. Hi. Thanks for that tip. Not sure if that was my issue, but it did get me to think about the 10 or so A310 liveries I had installed into the Community folder. I deleted the lot, fired up the sim, loaded the A310 and … there it was, the fully updated iniBuilds A310 with Metar and all the latest features. I should have known to always work back on add-on installs whenever there’s a new problem. Silly me. Thanks for your help! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I have taken all mods and liveries out of the sim. Unfortunately with me it says v 1.16, with METAR, but all other NEW functionalities are not there. IOt is the v1.14 with Metar