iniBuilds Heathrow V2 vs Asobo Heathrow [EGLL] Direct Comparison

Hello Flight Sim Fans!

My latest video shows the comparison between the Asobo Handcrafted Heathrow vs the newly released iniBuilds Heathrow V2.

Hope you enjoy it and all the best.

Practically Geek


Agree with the comment about the ground textures - seem too white to me!


I’m glad you have said that Richard, honestly I’m happy even if it’s just one person who agrees because now I know it’s not just me :slight_smile:
The ground markings on the other hand are amazing, iniBuilds have done amazing with that.

Hopefully they will tone it down! Its quite pricey to be irritated by the colour

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Same here it looks a tad bright, and at the moment I don’t know what Asobo has done but the contrast between the inside of the cockpit and looking out across the runway is just far too high. If I look at the instruments the outside is just total white out. Others have started posts complaining about the contrast problem.
Inibuilds detailing and night lighting looks really good, unlike Asobo, nearly every other MSFS airport and Gates are basically in the dark and it makes the Airport look closed.

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detailed of ini is cool, but i think i will get stuff like this only after update 9700k/2080ti/32 to 13900k/4090/64(128 depend of 4090 ram capacity) this airport too heavy even with Asobo handbuild don’t know what is mean ini, but i sure ini is grab more fps than hand
p.s. and how i said at youtube, i like colors of your avatar

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Not quite sure whether the recent update on MarketPlace v1.2.2 is equivalent to Heathrow version 2 as released by inibuilds?

Edited: sorry, after restart MSFS it shows correct v 2.0.0 for me.