Inibuilds OMDU Skydive Dubai POI Pack Review: WATCH BEFORE YOU BUY! Flight Simulator Xbox

I was a bit puzzled about a watch before you buy video for the inibuilds pack which is free. But then I realised Xbox, and MS forces companies to charge for freeware on the marketplace. So every time you say “it’s weird that for £4.19 they didn’t model these buildings” then remember Inibuilds are giving this away for free so it’s not strange at all.

I have the Orbx Dubai pack. I took a bunch of pictures for a/b comparison which I meant to upload to here already. My conclusion was that the Orbx pack was much more comprehensive and while many of the models in the ini pack looked better, some of the models in orbx looked better.

Overall, the Ini pack is a fantastic addon for free, but since I already have orbx I’ll stick with it.

It seems we need a 3 way comparison with Samscene3d as well, but I don’t have that one.

Yes as said previously this Ini skydive pack was a freebie on pc presumably to encourage sales of OMDB airport. Which I just picked up on Friday in their omdb/omaa combined limited time offer/sale. With Abu Dahbi, they also did a similar thing with the freebie Yas Island.
So the problem here is more why there is a minimum charge for these free add ons when they appear in the in game MP.

EDIT: having just watched the trailer for Orbx Dubai I will likey revert back to using it and remove Inis skydive as Orbx one looks equally good and covers a wide area but includes many of the missing landmarks that your video mentions.