[iniScene] - KOKC Oklahoma City Will Rogers World Airport

Progress updated on their website:



As with all iniScene published products, this will be a first day purchase for me!

It’s out. Check it out. All their airports are incredible.


The quality of their airports as well as the way they update their older products made inibuild airports “day one” purchases for me…great company!


As with iniBuilds airports it was a day one purchase for me and my first flight was KSAT → KOKC in SWA 738. The airport looks awesome and the performance was impressive. Recommended.

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Bought it day one as Oklahoma holds a special place for me. Im from Australia and my daughter went and played college basketball in OK. Ive been to OKC a number of times over last few years and whilst the airport and insides bring back all those great memories im a little disappointed in the final paid for release. Where is the rental car building? In this version it is still being built it looks like north of the airport. Where are the amazon warehouses? They are massive big amazons hubs to the east of the airport. You can see some shifted dirt blocks but no buildings. Think they missed a massive oppurtunity with that as there would be a bit of amazon cargo planes im tipping out of OKC.


This is a very high quality rendition of KOKC, and I’m pleased with the detail and performance. Unfortunately, I purchased a very poor quality version of KOKC last year from the guy who churns these things out at warp speed, but this one from IniScene exceeded all of my expectations.


Xbox version here: I flew from Dallas and on final I had no magenta ILS info at all on PFD, no magenta diamonds.
Good news is the A319 catched GS on final approach fix (OVDIE, 2900ft, runway 35R).
I tried with another plane, TBM 930, and still no diamond (green in this case).

Then I uninstalled the airport, trying to land at the default KOKC and everything was fine, I had all magenta info and both LOC and GS diamonds.

So, I hope in a fix ASAP. Anyway, the airport is really good!

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I’ve noticed an issue with the ILS glide slope showing up on the A320 on a lot of payware airports for some reason. The plane will still pickup the ILS and fly the correct path, but the purple diamonds will pop up for a second and then disappear.

Not sure if it’s something that is being missed by a lot of airport designers or not or possibly because I’m on XBox.

Either way will be picking this up since it looks like an awesome airport.