Install and purchase option

Hi, sorry if been asked before…

Looking to buy obviously. Just installed a new 1TB ssd especially for it.

M$ store or steam? Not sure about xbox game pass. Looking to buy the digital copy as also have a xbox 1 X.

Dilemma is, i dont know if i can pick a dedicated download drive if use M$ store option?
My download bandwidth is very slow so need to get it right (1gb per hour speed). 4+ days to download.

Know steam is simpler to install as i can choose my hard drive i want but wont be able to install on xbox.

Also with the install problems is it best to just wait a while for the servers to operate better for downloading and maybe let M$ fix any download bugs?


Suggest you check these installation guides for help with your decisions.

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You can choose or select where you want to install MSFS on which drive or your profile.

The default is set to your profile but you also have the chance to change that.

With regards to Steam, the download and installation is about 530MB which by default goes into your Steam Directory where ever you located it. Once in Setup or after it is installed it then asks you to login to Xbox with your profile and then will download the remaining 91GB and again offer you the choice of your profile or the choice of which drive you wish to choose.

There is a FAQ somewhere on the MSFS page that states you install it in your profile and then Move it to another drive. I installed MSFS on a SSD Games drive first up and its working fine so far.

Hope that helps!

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Well bit the bullet and started install.

With so many download hangs etc i set up my pc for a good download as cant afford to restart with only a 2mb/s download speed.

So prep was…
Update windows to 2004 OS. - do all windows updates till all up to date. (pause windows update for 7 days)
Change M$ download default storage folder to my new installed 1TB SSD(F)drive.
Sign into my gaming pc with my microsoft account.
Go to M$ store and do all app updates inc , xbox game bar.
Go to store and purchase Base game.(Not on xbox game pass).
MSFS starts to download to new F: drive. 3 downloads (MSFS/MSFS Standard edition and MSFS digital licence).

It downloads the first 980mbs (not sure correct amount) ok. 2 download but digital licence didn’t up till first was installed.

Once that installed i went to apps and run as admin.
Content manager opened. Installation folder drive option was C* but couldnt change just drive letter so made a new MSFS folder im my new F drive - F:Programs (x86)/FSFS.
Then hit update , and download began.

  • Said my drive C had 925.xxxxxgb space but it doesn’t. Think read storage from new F drive but gave it C letter. (Made new target on F drive anyway).

Now as i have a very slow download speed of 1GB per Hour, thats 92 hours to go.
I have disconnected all my network devices so only my gaming pc can use bandwidth.
Aleza OFF / Laptop wi-fi OFF / TV connection OFF - Xbox ethernet (UNPLUGGED). Phone wi-fi OFF.

Currently using internet on other devices via 4G or wi-fi on a 4G MiFi.

Target content download for full install (92GB) is 23/820 @ 10.15am UK time!!! Subject to full download speed till then and no problems. Fingers crossed for a good install.

Will update later. (wish me luck).