Install Failing, Introductory Videos Will Not Run

#pc MS store, gamepass for PC, No add-ons, Not using Developer Mode

This week I have built a new PC and one of the first things I tried to install is MSFS 20 standard version from Gamepass.

After downloading the Xbox app and updating windows I tried to install MSFS. The install would not progress to the introduction videos that usually lead to the updating and download screen.

Instead my PC displayed a black screen (GPU utilisation 20% and CPU idle) and proceeded to hang there overnight.

After trying many uninstalls and reinstalls of the game, (and a system wipe and windows fresh reinstall) it still would not progress to the intro videos. Note I have another PC with MSFS working fine so I am familiar with the install process.

Starting the install using the command line shortcut with -fastlaunch however did work as I could skip the videos and then the install proceeded normally.

After download and installing the problem with the intro videos failing still exists even though the game is installed. Every time I try to launch via the Xbox app or desktop shortcut it hangs with the black screen and won’t progress to the intro videos. However the game will work if I run via the command line with -fastlaunch.

Game is installed to default folder on C: drive.

Is there a way to get the intro videos to work so my game can start normally?

Is there a runtime library or encoder needed for the intro videos that my fresh windows install doesn’t have?

And if so, why are they not included in the initial install via the Microsoft store?

This problem is extremely frustrating and cost me hours trying to troubleshoot the issue just so I could even install the game…

System: Ryzen 5 5600X, Asus X570-F Gaming Mobo, Asus 2070 Super with 471.68 drivers, 16GB DDR4 Win 10 Pro 21H1 update.

Update system to the latest version.

Launch msfs as administrator.

Do you get any errors appear i.e. flightsimulator.exe has stopped working?

As I said above windows was installed and updated fully and it was only two days ago.

I can’t run the program as an administrator using the shortcut link unless there is a way other than the options tab that’s greyed out in the shortcut?

No error messages.

Just a solid black screen after the initial busy cursor.

Click “start” > scroll down
Right click on microsoft flight simulator > more > run as administrator

Run as admin didn’t fix it unfortunately.

Both computer installs using the same log in??

Sounds like you’re missing codecs or some such. This is common on N versions of Windows and can be fixed by installing the media feature pack. More info here…

I think it’s definitely a codec install issue with the latest Windows install build.

My Xbox app cannot playback the captures I create using the Xbox game bar. It says “codec not supported”.

It was not an N version of Windows though, full install version.

Anyone know how I can find a list of the required codecs and reinstall? The previously linked pack doesn’t apply.

you did exactly this ( bit more detailed desc as the FAQ ) :


This is the known workaround from FAQ and you mentioned the “fastlaunch” param works for you.

Why its happen we can only have guesses, like the missing codecs. May be you can check whether you have installed “tools” like “HEVC - Extension” from ms-store, but as said “a guess”.

Please go into folder:

and check whether windows can play it without the game

It’s may be easier to test is without starting the game… if it works in windows, it’s may be a different reason with the game.

Ive found the problem and solved the issue.

My motherboard driver disk included a realtek audio driver that somehow prevented playback of the videos. The error however showed up as a missing codec error message. This was true playing the videos via windows media player, windows movies AND the ms flight sim launcher.

I removed the driver and installed a later version, now the intro videos can play and the msfs installer runs as normal.

Thanks for the suggestions.

I hope this explanation can help someone else in future.