Install of liveries in the community folder

Hi there,
after reinstalling the newest A32NX folder i see the two FBW busses in the microsoft menu.
but every livery i installed from the FBW A 32NX aircraft liverie site is not shown up.
the files are installed in the community folder like the base files.
what i am doing wrong?
Please help to get the liveries working.
Thanks and greeting

You should see two busses. One is the default Asobo A320, the other is the FlyByWire one. Please check that again.

I can’t say much about the liveries though. Did you get them form here?

The A32NX team recently separated their mod from the default A320 to remove certain restrictions and limitations. As such, all liveries made before then will still point to the default A320(you should see your liveries there).
You should get updated liveries from @Watsi01 's link above, as those will point to the new A32NX rather than the default A320.

Hope this answers your question

OK, thanks thats the answer i am waiting for